Mind and Will of the Lord, The - Discourses of John Taylor


Outside the Standard Works there is no assemblage of words that better expresses the mind and will of the Lord than those spoken by the prophet of God in General Conference. Never before have the words of a modern prophet been separated and indexed as in this volume.

The voice of the Prophet John Taylor was the single most important voice on earth during his tenure as president. Conference speeches represent the mind and will of the Lord during a prophet’s time on earth, and Latter-day Saints have been taught to accept it as scripture.

Now, Latter-day Saints can find in seconds what John Taylor said on any subject. To know the mind and will of the Lord almost instantaneously on subjects not addressed in the Doctrine and Covenants is awesome and now so very easy.

This volume has an index that can be used in church meetings to easily and quickly find the words of John Taylor on nearly any subject.

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