Tanome and Word Possible Game Set Special


TANOME is a great family get-to-know-you game inspired by beloved Mennonite novelist and writer, Christmas Carol Kauffman. The insightful and probing questions Christmas Carol Kauffman have been captured and reproduced by her daughter from tattered handwritten cards first put to paper by Mrs. Kauffman more than 80 years ago.

There are 270 different questions to answer which makes the game different every time its played. The game is sure to create hours of fun as each member of the family or group answers these self-revealing questions.

Word Possible:
Game includes 600 Quiz Cards
Unlimited answers 26 x 600 possible questions = 15,600 possible questions. Hours of fun as it tests your lightening quick thinking capacity.
A wonderful family game that the little ones can join in without needing to use a specific letter for their answers; age or skill is no concern with the joy of playing this exciting game; a perfect way to spend more quality time as a family and with friends. Adults love this just as much as the children do. WORD POSSIBLE helps develop memory within the brain and cherished family memories all at the same time.

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  • Model: DLP4584/4585
  • Manufactured by: Doodle Beads